Mask Ban


Who Was That Masked Man? And What Happened To His Rights?

Yesterday it became a criminal offense for Canadians to wear a mask during a riot or unlawful assembly. Anyone who violates the new law will face a penalty of up to a 10-year prison sentence. It's ironic that the change is said to have been motivated in part by the G20 riots in Toronto -- where the individuals most concerned with going incognito seemed to be the police. The bigger problem is that the law threatens to chill the political and social activities of completely innocent people -- or to land them in jail for doing nothing more serious than trying to stay anonymous.

You Can Protest, But Don't Wear a Mask

In a move that comes with an unsettling brand of legislative style, tongue-in-cheek humor, the Canadian government passed a bill on Halloween that aims to outlaw masked protestors during riots or "unlawful assemblies." In a way, it's not surprising. Canada has had a tricky few years for riots and protest related carnage. Evidently, this catch-all legislation that sets out to ban masks from any protest that the government or the police designate as illegal, is an imprecise knee-jerk reaction to the growing problem of violent protests in Canada.

MPs Pass Bill To Ban Masks At Riots

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Mask Ban Bill Nears Final Stage

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What A Mask Ban Might Look Like

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Will MPs Pass Mask Ban Bill?

Conservative MP Blake Richards said he is feeling confident about his bill that would make it a crime to wear a mask during a riot. MPs debated the private member's bill in the House of Commons Wedne...

MP Defends Mask-Ban Bill

The Conservative MP trying to make it a crime to wear a mask or disguise during a riot says his bill would help protect the right to protest peacefully. Blake Richards says his private member's bill...