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Old-School Anti-Semitism: The Anachronistic Bigotry of Helen Thomas

Helen Thomas was entitled to dislike any sectarian or ethnic group, and even to wish them ill. But no serious news organization should have engaged such a person to report and opine on matters where her bigoted views of Jews in important positions in the United States, and her desire to have the State of Israel expunged and its Jewish population deported, would be certain to poison and distort her professional performance. The double standard whereby the least hints of bias against African-Americans or Muslims are scorched out like carriers of leprosy, while coddlers of genocide like Helen Thomas are showered with awards for 60 years, should cease.

The Private Industry Is As Rich As the CBC

For the better part of a century now, private broadcasters in Canada have been complaining that they are forced to operate in competition with a state-subsidized player, CBC/Radio-Canada and its predecessors. But in reality the subsidy provided to the private industry by government is just about the same size as the CBC's Parliamentary appropriation.

On Boston, the Press Is No Less Ignorant Than Trudeau

Tragedies present a unique challenge for the opinion columnist. On the one hand, there's little in life that isn't contentious, no matter how tragic. On the other, such intellectual reflections on senseless death are discussions born from retrospect and time. Today's columnist rarely possesses much of either.