Medical Marijuana

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Are Marijuana Edibles Safe To Eat?

Federal regulatory authorities in Canada and the U.S. cannot police this industry since marijuana edibles remain illegal. This lack of oversight presents a serious public safety concern. The question that we as consumers should be asking is: are these new products safe to eat?
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Growing Pains

Medical marijuana enthusiasts got their first glimpse into the state of Canada’s nascent industry Friday — and it suggests growing pains could continue to choke profits for some time. Tweed Inc., the...

Smitherman Eyes Medical Pot Venture

The province’s former Liberal health minister, George Smitherman, is getting into the pot game with a Markham pharmacist and a former deputy chief of the Toronto police. The trio — a veritable dream t...

Canada's Medical Marijuana Rules Are Made To Be Broken

The seized marijuana all came from designated growers who were licensed to grow for up to two patients each under the old system. These are the same home gardens which Health Canada ordered to be shut down, claiming that they are all mold-ridden, unsafe and unhealthy. Yet at the same time, it's allowed for these growers to sell their product to the newly licensed producers, who can then flip it to patients at a profit? How does any of this make sense?