Mega-Quarry Victory Belongs to the People

We, as citizens, have to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds to protect the environment. It just happened in Ontario, where Highland Companies announced it was withdrawing its plan to build a massive open-pit limestone quarry in the rural countryside north of Toronto. People power won! And it wasn't the first time it's happened in Canada.

'Mega-Quarry' Project Killed Off

The application to build a massive limestone quarry in Melancthon township near Orangeville, Ont., has been withdrawn. A spokesman for The Highland Companies, the company behind the proposal, said in...

David Suzuki Wants to Stop Mega-Quarry

A billion tonnes of limestone lie beneath the rural countryside in Melancthon Township, 100 kilometres north of Toronto. A plan to remove it spotlights the challenges faced everywhere when the desire to protect valuable and ever-diminishing farmland clashes with efforts to push industrial development.

Understanding the Mega Quarry in Ten Easy Steps

If you live in southern Ontario, you've likely seen the signs. Stop. The. Mega-Quarry. The simple red and white lawn signs have increasingly been springing up in yards and on porches in both rural communities and downtown Toronto. While the signs are becoming iconic, the mind-boggling numbers behind the controversial Mega-Quarry proposal aren't as well known.
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Occupy Foodstock: A Tastier Cause

The "occupiers" of Foodstock had been invited by the Canadian Chef's Congress' Michael Stadtlander, whose famous Eisenginn Farm restaurant is a few miles north, to demonstrate a very singular and simple demand: that the provincial and federal governments use all their powers to ensure a mega quarry is never dug.