Mennonite Girls Can Cook

RECIPE: Western Omelette Sandwich

This is my variation of a Western Omelette that makes a great sandwich. I used left over ham from Easter dinner which made it very tasty. Put your favourite condiment on your toast and you have one hearty and filling sandwich. I like mustard on mine but you can add what ever you like.

RECIPE: Saskatoon Berry Pie

Last night I suddenly remembered that last year my dad had given me a bag of Saskatoon Berries he had received from a friend. I baked him a pie that we enjoyed together and he said to keep the extras for another pie. So I went and dug out that little bag.

RECIPE: Tropical Blueberry Smoothie

Smoothies are both nutritious and fun to make for the young and old(er) alike. When the grands come to visit I love that I can give them something that feels like a treat while it pumps them full of antioxidants and vitamins. The varieties are endless. What is your favourite smoothie flavour?
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What Happens When Mennonite Girls Cook

The Mennonite Girls Can Cook blog that began simply as a way to share recipes has become 10 women who blog with a purpose, using our resources to help needy people around the world. The 10 of us decided early on that any profit the blog might generate would be given to extend the hospitality, and extend our tables to others who needed nourishment.