Michael Chong Reform Bill


Chong's Reform Act Passes House Vote

OTTAWA - His zigzag journey has lasted more than a year, but Michael Chong has crossed one critical finish line in his bid to rebalance power between MPs and party leaders.The Conservative MP's bill,...

Will Reform Bill Makeover Help Chong?

OTTAWA - Two Conservative bills that would fundamentally change the Canadian electoral system, two very different approaches.On the one hand there is Tory MP Michael Chong, whose high-profile private...

Redford's Downfall Reinforces the Need for Chong's Reform Act

It has now been almost two weeks since Premier Alison Redford made her surprise announcement that she would be resigning as the Premier of Alberta. For the third time in less than a decade, a PC Alberta Premier was ousted by a process other than a general election. The entire Alberta episode has me thinking about Michael Chong's "Reform Act."