Michaelle Jean


Why Harper Worked So Hard For Jean

Michaëlle Jean has always been known as something of a "rassembleuse", a person who can bring others together. That title will be tested to the max over the next four years during her mandate as Secre...

Michaelle Jean Spotted Campaigning

OTTAWA - Former governor general Michaelle Jean wants to become the next secretary general of La Francophonie, a network of governments that share French as a common language.La Francophonie currently...

Canada's First Black MP Leaves an Important Legacy

Our country now mourns the passing of a great Canadian hero, Lincoln Macauley Alexander. He died on Friday October 19th, 2012 at the age of 90. Reading the many tributes to this outstanding Canadian makes it clear that Alexander's exemplary life was lived as an emphatic declaration that blackness and Canadianness can seamlessly exist in synergetic harmony, and that there is a black experience that is inextricably and simultaneously a Canadian experience. Indeed the passing of this legendary black Canadian should encourage us all to live lives that would leave us similarly criticized for our expressed concerns for the lot of the average Canadian, black and otherwise.