Minimum Wage Ontario


$12-An-Hour Minimum Wage!

TORONTO - NDP Leader Andrea Horwath tried to reach out to both workers and employers on Tuesday, saying her party is committed to raising the minimum wage in Ontario to $12 an hour over two years whil...

Minimum Wage, Maximum Rage

Since moving to Canada from Bangladesh as a refugee in 2002, 33-year-old Acsana Fernando has not been able to earn much more than the minimum wage.  She has worked in restaurants, security and factor...

Could You Live Off a Minimum Wage Job?

Minimum wage jobs are not only for the after-school crowd of kids looking for spending money, but also an entry into the workforce for immigrants, recent graduates and many others who can only find part-time work and need to hold down two or three jobs to survive. Across Canada, minimum wage ranges from $9 an hour in Alberta to $11 in Nunavut, while in most provinces it is set at $10. Unifor's recent submission to Ontario's Minimum Wage Panel Review should be required reading for all of them. Consider the following facts.

$14 Minimum Wage?

TORONTO - A mock $10 bill — frozen in a block of ice — was presented to a representative of Ontario's Ministry of Labour on Thursday afternoon in protest of the government's minimum wage freeze.The pr...