Mississauga Mayor In Court Today

A lawyer suggested in a Brampton court today that a man who brought forward conflict-of-interest allegations against longtime Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion is merely "a straw man" for her opponent...

No Under-18s Allowed

MISSISSAUGA, Ont. - Peel Region has passed what is being called the province's toughest municipal bylaw banning teens under the age of 18 from indoor tanning salons.The Peel bylaw would fine tanning s...

He Admits It

TORONTO - The Liberal campaign decided to halt construction of a power plant in Mississauga days before last fall's election when they were behind in the polls, Finance Minister Dwight Duncan admitted...

Why More Condos (and More Offices) Could Be a Good Thing

High density neighbourhoods solve many problems when designed to be self-sustained. The idea is that residents barely need to use their cars when going to work or shopping. However, if the high density community contains only residential development where residents need to exit that community to get to work or to shop that is when high density may cause more congestion than it solves. That's why Mississauga needs more downtown office buildings while the getting's good.

Baby Boy Found In Pond

A baby boy was airlifted to a Toronto hospital after being found in a backyard pond in Mississauga Thursday. Peel Regional Police say the 10-month-old was without vital signs when he was removed from...

Fortune Cookie for Dechert: You're Screwed

Baird's background doesn't indicate he's a natural to head Canada's Foreign Affairs, but he has to be uneasy about Dechert's long range dalliance with Shi Rong. Baird radiates ambition. One suspects he'll get new Parliamentary Secretary when the fuss with Dechert blows over.