Moira Stilwell


When It Comes To Fundraising, The BC Liberals Are Hypocrites

Last year, the BC Liberal party was required to return $20,355 in prohibited donations it had collected, including $12,633 from Simon Fraser University, $300 from Vancouver-False Creek Liberal candidate Sam Sullivan's Global Civic Policy Society, and $850 from the Prince George Airport Authority. The NDP didn't report any donation returns in 2012. From 2006 to 2011, the Liberals had to return 22 prohibited donations it received from charities, while the NDP returned two. Such donations are prohibited under both the B.C. Election Act and federal legislation. The Liberals also reported remitting $4,920 to Elections BC in membership fees the party had collected in its 2011 filing, the same year Christy Clark was elected leader. It's an amount that represents an estimated 492 incomplete membership applications.
BC Liberals

B.C. NDP's Latest Target

VANCOUVER - The NDP and Liberal visions for how to push British Columbia into the future came into stark contrast on the campaign trail Friday, with Adrian Dix pledging an NDP government would hike we...