Montreal Student Protest


Anniversary Protest Quickly Broken Up

MONTREAL - A march to mark an anniversary in Quebec's protest movement was swiftly broken up Friday by a police force that has shown increasing strictness in applying municipal bylaws.Several hundred...

(Maple) Spring Is In The Air

MONTREAL - Montreal police donned riot gear and moved in to make at least 50 arrests after an initially peaceful demonstration by Quebec students protesting tuition fee hikes took a destructive turn T...

Olympic Bid Imperiled?

QUEBEC - The president of the International Olympic Committee diplomatically sidestepped the question Tuesday of whether student strife in Quebec could hurt any bids by the province to hold internatio...

Quebec's Emergency Law Stokes The Fire

The adoption of emergency legislation to end Quebec's escalating student crisis stoked fiery debate across the province overnight, from highly charged street protests that lasted into the wee hours to...

Students Slam Law, Call For New Talks

Quebec's legislature has gathered for a late-night debate on emergency education legislation Thursday night, as student protests were held in five of the province's biggest cities. The special law, k...
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While You Protest, I'm Going to Class

During this past Thursday's protests about tuition fees, Montreal's students found another foe worthy of their vociferous appeals to the masses: student scabs, who they claimed did not have the right to cross picket lines and go to classes. The protesters may indeed have 99 legitimate problems, but just to be clear, a scab isn't one.

Quebec Schools Emptied, Thousands Protest

More than 20,000 students marched on Premier Jean Charest's Montreal office Thursday, in a massive protest against increases in tuition fees. The march was part of a larger two-day strike being stage...