Moses Znaimer


The Man Who Could Save MuchMusic

As many of you have read, Bell Media recently axed 91 jobs from MuchMusic, ostensibly gutting the iconic music station into a shadow of its formerly glorious self when Znaimer and John Martin founded the "temple of rock" in 1984. But an online movement to bring Much back to its original founder Moses Znaimer is picking up steam.

Conrad and RoFo: A Meeting of Outraged Minds

There they sit facing each other in Toronto City Hall -- two very rich men of much more than considerable girth, strangely similar, radiating mutual admiration, screw-you arrogance and otherworldly chutzpah. This odd couple comes together last Monday on Vision's The Zoomer. It's never the widely advertised interview promised, because the Baron doesn't know how to interview. Instead, it's a chat between two obviously misunderstood innocents. So no tough, probing questions from the Baron to the Mayor along the lines of "have you no shame, sir? No decency?"