Offering Mothering Advice to Myself

When on a plane, they always tell you on the in-flight safety instructions to put your own gas mask on before you help the person next to you. And the same advice applies to parenting. Before you kill yourself being a parent, ask yourself this: "Have I brushed my own hair today?"

You Got Me What for Mothers Day?!

At PTPA, we are all about being a family friendly resource so we took to the streets (okay, we took it online) to over 400 moms and asked them some questions about their best/worst gifts and what their ideal mothers day would include in the hopes that the men out there will read this and heed our warnings and suggestions!

When Is Mother's Day 2013?

Get ready to shower your mother with love on Sunday May, 12, 2013. Often celebrated with brunch, greeting cards and flowers, Mother's Day in North America is traditionally meant to give moms the day t...