J.B. MacKinnon

Making Vancouver a Wilder Place

Almost everyone has experienced the loss of some treasured natural space -- whether an entire forest or a simple vacant lot. This exhibition -- inspired by The Once and Future World -- is a way to connect with that feeling, and also explore the unlimited possibilities of melding the urban and wild.

Rediscovering Vancouver's Past Through the Lens of Prolific Street Photographer Foncie Pulice

Regularly situating himself in one of five spots along Granville Street -- and at the PNE during the fair -- Foncie Pulicewould set up his camera strategically, capturing people at just the right moment. As soon as a subject stepped across a certain crack in the sidewalk, he would shoot, no focusing required. As word of Foncie spread, people would pass by purposely, completely aware he was waiting to snap their photo. Many of his photographs capture people dressed up coming out of the theatre, out for an afternoon of shopping, and in uniform during the war. Foncie not only captured portraits, he inadvertently documented the evolution of fashion, architecture, political movements and the changing face of Vancouver.

Vancouver, I Love You But ...

Vancouver may be the envy of the rest of the shivering country this week (OK, most of the year) but people who live there seem to have an uncanny ability to complain about one of the most livable citi...