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Hey, What Happened To The Future?

Flying cars. Waterproof living rooms that you clean with a hose. A pool on every rooftop.Many of the old dreams and schemes about daily life in the 21st century didn't come true — at least not yet. Au...

The Most Expensive City In Canada

TORONTO - A new study says Vancouver is the most expensive city in Canada, but it doesn't crack the top 10 as one of the costliest cities for expatriate employees to be transferred to because of their...


Ottawa and Toronto headed into heat waves early Wednesday, as a third straight day of high temperatures settled in across parts of southern Quebec and Ontario. Ottawa is expecting its hottest day of...

Better Living: Just Add Wine

One aspect of my job that I have learned to cherish over the past few years is the beauty of wine. Growing up, wine was always around my family (but whether it was good wine is a different story). Nevertheless it was something that I never fully appreciated and understood until recently.

3 Blue Jays Make All-Star Team

TORONTO - Despite a disappointing first half of the 2013 season, the Toronto Blue Jays are still sending three players to this year's all-star game.Outfielder Jose Bautista, first baseman/designated h...

My City Includes Cottage Country: Inspirational Toronto

Head three hours in any direction from Toronto and you will be able to find lakes the size of small seas (perfect for sailing and even occasionally surfing) , hills the size of mountains (great for skiing, mountain biking etc.). However, a day is not enough to see why Toronto and its surrounding countryside is a source of inspiration. One long weekend will have to do.

Creating a Work Life Balance in Toronto

I will admit, I am a clumsy person, but I have realized that most of my injuries have been stress-related. Therefore, I've made it a priority to create a good foundation for a healthy work life balance. Luckily, I've found a handful of staples in Toronto that help me destress and treat myself better without fail.

Prepare For An Expensive Summer..

TORONTO - With the Canadian dollar expected to continue its downward spiral well into the summer, Canadians may find themselves out of luck went it comes to bargain hunting south of the border."Things...

Canada's National Obsession Is..

Most Canadians think about real estate on a regular basis, and a good number of them are obsessed with it, an online survey suggests. That's the takeaway of a recent poll by online home selling firm...

It's Just MEC Now

National outdoor retailer Mountain Equipment Co-Op is shedding its image of being a store just for the granola-eating, sandal-wearing, mountaineering-type.The Vancouver-based retailer unveiled a new l...