Naheed Nenshi

Straight Talk on Taxes and the City's Budget

There's been a lot of talk about the City's budget and your property taxes. I want to set the record straight about the budget and your taxes over the last three years, as well as what you get in return. Bear with me; it can be challenging to explain the City's budget, but I hope by reading through this blog post, you'll be able to gain a clearer understanding of property taxes and how the City uses your money.

CPR Job Cuts Draw Fire From Nenshi

Mayor Naheed Nenshi says it is a shame that 130 jobs with Canadian Pacific Railway have been eliminated in Calgary as a result of its decision to close its Locomotive Reliability Centre at Alyth Yard,...

Nenshi Vows ‘More Of The Same'

Mayor Naheed Nenshi defended his council’s commitment to transparency following recent concerns over the amount of time politicians spend debating public business behind closed door

Community Consultation Must be Addressed in October Elections

Many issues will come up when the civic elections happen in October. One important issue that should take a seat front and centre in the campaigns is whether the City cares about public engagement when it comes to new developments that are due to appear right next door to your home. If the cases of the Stadium Centre and Shawnee-Evergreen developments are of any indication, Calgarians should expect a rude awakening when plans are put in place to reshape communities.

Neil Young's Utopian Vision of Mother Earth

In the 20th century, much of the divide in politics and policy was over how best to create jobs, incomes and keep people from starving--how to create opportunity as part of the good life. Those on the "left" argued for state intervention and often outright state ownership; those on the "right" pointed to open markets and other elements of capitalism as the superior route to avoiding poorer populations.

He Want Answers.. Again

CALGARY - Calgary's mayor is again demanding answers from Canadian Pacific Railway after eight rail cars full of oil chemicals derailed at a train yard in the city, forcing the closure of major road a...
Government of Quebec

The Quebec Charter Will Ghettoize Muslims

The PQ is unable to distinguish between religious zealotry that overtakes the public sphere and individuals who, though they exhibit their faith publicly, continue to work peacefully, alongside their neighbours of other beliefs, without difficulty. Make no mistake -- everyone in Quebec will be affected by the Charter of "Values." The entire society will be subjected to change as a result. Do we want people to be forced to choose their faith over integration in the public sphere? Do we want "Muslim only" sections of cities? That will be the result of failing to allow the integration of visible religious minorities in the public sphere. It is apartheid.

Not Capping Election Fundraising Leaves Us All Worse Off

If local campaign spending is obscene, it only follows that candidates need to fall back on contributors with obscenely large wallets to pay the bills. And fall back they did. In the 2011 elections, the single largest donation was $960,000 courtesy of local land developer Rob Macdonald to Vancouver's NPA. To put that sum into context, it's more than double what Naheed Nenshi spent on his way to winning the mayor's chair of Calgary in 2010. Calgary has nearly a quarter of a million more voters than Vancouver.

What I Learned This Week: When The Worst Becomes The Best

Sometimes the worst of times may be the best of times in disguise. I repeat the caveat: sometimes. Case in point, let's look at four very different mayors from across Canada: Gérald Tremblay, Rob Ford, Naheed Nenshi, and Colette Roy-Laroche. They all faced different types of crises this summer, and their responses defined them in the public eye.

Does Policy-Wonk Nenshi Need A Climate Briefing?

Now that Nenshi has witnessed an over $5-billion flood rip through his province and hometown, does he still believe Alberta should exploit the oilsands full tilt despite irreversible impacts, or the feds should continue to hand over $1.4 billion each year in subsidies, or Alberta should continue burning more coal than the rest of the country combined?

Longshots Line Up To Take Nenshi's Job

Word on the street is that you've got to be crazy to run for mayor against Naheed Nenshi this fall. Yeah, Carter Thomson has heard that as he's brought his nomination papers around for friends and fel...

Disaster-Hit Towns Back Nenshi's Plan

After Slave Lake settled nearly all its post-wildfire accounts with the Alberta government, everything major was covered except for one expense that could force the town to drain its reserves. Medicin...

Thomas Mulcair: You Might Like Him When He's Angry

Since the start of his campaign for the leadership of the Official Opposition New Democratic Party of Canada, there has seemed to be a subtext of waiting whenever Thomas Mulcair is the topic of conversation. You would often hear panelists talk about his temper or hosts of political shows bring up the "angry Mulcair" meme. What has been striking is his composed and controlled demeanour in the face of anger-inducing situations. But if he wants to win the country, Mulcair must find a way to translate that legendary anger into passion.

Mayor Nenshi for Prime Minister... Please???

It's been just over three weeks since raging floods wiped out countless homes and caused massive devastation here in Calgary and in Southern Alberta. It is nothing short of heartbreaking to consider what so many people are enduring, and what they have lost. The worst of it is that many of those losses can never be restored, replaced or rebuilt. But in the face of the worst disaster ever to hit this city, or indeed, this part of Alberta, our mayor, Naheed Nenshi, has been the voice of reason and reassurance.