Naheed Nenshi


LOOK: The One Bright Light In Canadian Politics

The sun came through the clouds in the city of Calgary. Like the citizens of "WHOVILLE" in the movie "The GRINCH," Calgarians dusted themselves off, stood shoulder to shoulder and reclaimed the pride and dignity of their spectacular city. Leading the charge, Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi. Rarely have I seen flood reports on the news accompanied by reports that the local Mayor hasn't slept in 43 hours.

Calgary's Voice, Calgary's Superman

The face of Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi with his Clark Kent glasses has been superimposed on Superman posters by grateful citizens in his flood-stricken city.Ads for the new movie "Man of Steel" have...

Shining Bright

A roar of applause greets Mayor Naheed Nenshi as he ambles up upon a riser above thousands of Calgarians gathered in a stadium parking lot to volunteer with flood relief efforts. With a microphone cl...
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BLOG: 10 Reasons Why Calgarians Love Nenshi

I've heard it said that a person's true personality comes out in a crisis. If that's true, then thousands of people may well have fallen (further) in love with Calgary's own Mayor Nenshi these past few days. When Nenshi ran for mayor three years ago, he wasn't a serious contender according to the pollsters. Still, my husband and I put a sign on our lawn, believing that this Harvard-educated, articulate, and worldly young Calgarian was the future we wanted for our city.

Nenshi Defends Executive Pay Hikes

Mayor Naheed Nenshi is looking to add council oversight over non-unionized staff wages, after the Herald reported that city executives voted privately to increase pay for middle managers by an extra $...

Sometimes We Need to Oppose the Un-Opposable

Spreading money around for things like community centres, water treatment plants, and social housing is a common practice for the federal government, and is rarely met with opposition. It's hard to oppose dedicating money to good causes. However, those are clearly issues of provincial and municipal responsibility.

Why Nenshi Is Taking Aim At These

The City of Calgary may get tougher on noisy air conditioners and hot tubs. There are already sound limits for neighbourhood noise, but Mayor Naheed Nenshi feels they aren't sensitive enough, so counc...

The Dinosaurs of Outer-urbia

The current scandal surrounding the real estate developers in Calgary and their efforts to influence the October 2013 municipal elections is evidence of an industry feeling entitled to proceed with business as they see fit but unable or unwilling to innovate or think strategically or critically about their direction.