Naheed Nenshi


Mayor Nenshi On Proposed Cuts At Mount Royal University

So you can imagine my dismay when I heard the news that MRU is considering cutting some of the very programs that this venue was designed to support--and without apparent consultation with the community. These programs are critical for the development of Calgary's cultural offerings and eliminating them severely inhibits our ability to attract the best and brightest to our city from around the world. I also hope that other potential donors will not be put off by the possibility that the intent of their generosity may be lost to provincial politics.
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Forces Aligning Against Him?

It’s been more than two years since mayor Naheed Nenshi became the cuddly creature in charge of Calgary. One of North America’s first Muslim mayors, approval ratings place his popularity so high in th...

SCREW 2013

Five Canadian prairie cities: Saskatoon, Calgary, Regina, Edmonton and Winnipeg (SCREW) share multiple parallels and symmetries. Of course each city is entirely unique, yet in many ways, they're nearly identical. Dionne Quintuplet identical. Is there a way for these prairie cities to work together to save taxpayers money, create efficiencies, improve service delivery, optimize citizen engagement, minimize bureaucracy, increase ROI, share ideas and reach their respective sustainability targets? Could they become better cities by SCREWing things up?

A Better Calgary In Progress

Over two years ago, Calgarians chose a new mayor and city council. We have been hard at work since then, and thought this would be a good time to share with you how we are doing and what work remains to be done. So, how are we doing?

imagineCalgary: Calgary's Open Government Initiative Betrayed by Bureaucrats

We'll drive, copilot, change the tunes, serve up the beverages, adjust the heat and ensure government doesn't fall asleep... but someone has to open the doors so we can get in the car. Unlock the doors of government and let citizens in, that is the mantra of imagineCalgary, now firmly in the hands of hardened bureaucrats. The language of imagineCalgary is not their mother tongue and they are struggling with just the basic translation, let alone the incredibly lofty and epic targets found within the imagineCalgary tome.

Why I Never Thought I'd See a Black President

About a decade ago my first son Alex was struggling with one of the many things 16-year-olds struggle with. As a good Dad I gave him the old "you can do anything -- anything is possible" pep talk hoping to encourage him to overcome whatever obstacle he thought was stopping him. Not too long after this interaction he asked me, in an unrelated conversation, if I ever thought we would see a black U.S. president.