Naheed Nenshi


Calgary: It's More Than Horses and Oil

Long considered a bland, western outpost thick with cowboy culture and thin on the cosmopolitan feel of Toronto and Montreal, Calgary is in the midst of a stark change. There's an emphasis on public art and on growing independent music and arts scenes, and people are coming to the city not only for its financial stability, but for what it offers in terms of new culture as well.
The City of Calgary

Have You Seen This Stamp Of Approval Around Calgary?

Have you seen this stamp around town? At a Ctrain station, at Southland Leisure Centre, on a food truck, on Since I became mayor, I've worked hard to make transforming government -- a culture of constant improvement -- a priority in Calgary. With every tangible change that makes life better for Calgarians, you're seeing transforming government in action.

Photo Proof That Elusive Bigfoot Exists

CALGARY - A wilderness and ecology guide believes Bigfoots by the dozen could be roaming the wilderness of southern Alberta and parts of British Columbia.Todd Standing says he has photographic proof t...