Why Alberta Is A Great Place To Call Home

Alberta has led all provinces in average annual economic growth over the last 20 years. Our unmatched strengths in agriculture, forestry and petrochemicals have earned us an international reputation but it is the energy sector that is our driving economic force. We are the energy hub in a nation that consistently ranks among the top 10 energy producers in the world. That's huge.

What is the 'Power of N'?

Over the past number of months, many have asked me what the "power of N" means. The phrase is very simple, yet it has many different layers of meaning and understanding. N is a variable. In mathematic...
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Taking Cues From Nature

At Ingenuity Lab, we've taken cues from nature and leveraged the findings from advances in targeted drug delivery. This information has led us to innovative discoveries that will improve our yield across industries and help us to better care for our planet in the process.