Native Stereotypes


The Real Story of Canada's "Good Indian"

In the orgy of celebration of the War of 1812, the true legacy of Shawnee warrior Tecumseh has been badly (and perhaps, conveniently) miscast. Far from being ignored, he is now being appropriated by white society and cast as a "good Indian" - brave, heroic, co-operative, and at the ready to do the bidding of his British brethren. He is being placed aside Issac Brock, and the Canadian militia as the great defenders of Canada. His historical role has been reduced to Laura Secord with a feather. A more thorough reading of Tecumseh's life and influence tells a very different story.

No Doubt's Video: Just Another Hollywood Stereotype

Recently, the web has been buzzing over the portrayal of Native Americans in the popular band, No Doubt's latest video. While personally, this video doesn't really offend me, what I'm noticing is that it's primarily native people who were offended by it, leading to the band's decision to pull the video entirely. What the non-natives may not understand is the extreme sense of pride of native culture, by its people. Hollywood has inaccurately portrayed us since the early days of film, and this video is just an extension of that.