New Brunswick Election


What Went Wrong On N.B. Election Night

HALIFAX - The head of the company at the centre of New Brunswick's vote-count bungle says a glitch with software and intense pressure from media outlets are to blame for the late-night glitch that hal...

New Brunswick Tories Demand Recount

New Brunswick's Progressive Conservatives say they won't accept Monday's election result until all ballots are counted by hand. Vote-tallying through a system of automatic tabulators g...

New Brunswick Heads To The Polls

New Brunswickers are heading to the polls today to cast their ballots in an election where Progressive Conservative Leader David Alward is trying to avoid becoming the second consecutive one-term gove...

Mulcair Digs Cardy's Shale Gas Stance

FREDERICTON - Federal New Democrat Leader Tom Mulcair added his presence to the New Brunswick election campaign Friday, backing his provincial NDP counterpart's position on shale gas development.Mulca...

N.B. Premier Shuffles Deck

FREDERICTON - Premier David Alward has shuffled his cabinet a year before the New Brunswick election as his Progressive Conservative government struggles with sagging popularity and tries to convince...

I Can't Escape the Man, and Neither Can You

How does the fact of U.S. journalists winning against the Obama administration in court on Thursday connect to stealing signs and punishing driver's tests in New Brunswick? It's all a part of an overarching pattern. We're living in times of growing intolerance and diminishing trust. And if civility and trust disappear, what do we have left?

'Serious' Privacy Breach In N.B.

A serious privacy breach has been discovered with the New Brunswick voters list, Premier David Alward informed the legislative assembly on Wednesday morning. Alward referred to the privacy breach as...