New Economy

What Are The Innovative HR Practices That Knowledge Workers Want?

With the increasing interconnectedness in today's global economy, labor mobility is increasingly an available option. As such, today's businesses are increasingly realizing that to remain competitive, they need to re-develop HR practices from the traditional industrial practices to ones that align with the needs and wants of 21st-century knowledge workers.

How Post-Secondary Education Is Failing

The current post-secondary education system is failing not only the new economic paradigm but those individuals who are searching for how to acquire the knowledge to effectively compete in today's economy. How is the current post-secondary education system failing? Here are the numerous reasons.

That Arts Degree Isn't So Useless After All!

This new digital age is increasing the employment opportunities for those with a liberal arts education. Many fields have been great at inventing new technologies and driving the cost down. But now that those technologies are mature, we need people who, with a light touch, can insert them into everyday life.