New Ndp Leader


This Beard Isn't Going Anywhere

OTTAWA - The NDP may have a new face with Thomas Mulcair, but the new opposition leader doesn't plan on getting a new one for himself.He says he is keeping his beard.Mulcair's rich, neatly trimmed bea...

Potential NDP Leaders, Are You In or Out?

It doesn't matter who wins the crown in the next NDP leadership race, because they will be constantly compared to Layton. Potential leadership candidates will need to evaluate if it is better to jump in now or wait until there is a future leadership opening when they can be more fairly judged.

NDP Troops Rally Around Jack Layton

CBC -- New Democrats are rallying around their federal leader, after news that Jack Layton is temporarily stepping down to fight a new form of cancer. Windsor West MP Brian Masse said it's important f...