Duffy's Senate Speeches Questioned By RCMP

Newly released court documents filed by the RCMP raise questions about Senator Mike Duffy's explosive speeches to the Senate last month in which he defended his actions in an expenses scandal. C...

Media Bites: Is the Media Being Fair to Rob Ford and Mike Duffy?

Is the media being fair to Rob Ford? How about Mike Duffy? My conclusions? "Yes" to the first, "maybe" to the second. Bad guys unquestionably deserve bad press. But like the rest of us, they also deserve fairness -- particularly at a time when a cynical public's in the mood to swallow any negative innuendo they hear. Ethics aren't easy, but they're always right.

The Man Who Gave Duffy $90,000

Who exactly is Nigel Wright? That’s the question many Canadians were likely asking Wednesday when they learned Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s chief of staff footed the bill for Sen. Mike Duffy’s impr...