Nigel Wright Scandal


MacKay Pressured To Drop The Hammer

OTTAWA - Federal Liberals are trying to drag Justice Minister Peter MacKay into the Senate expenses scandal, urging him to ensure no legal stone is unturned in the quest to prosecute all those involve...

The Senate Scandal Is Just History Repeating Itself

The ongoing RCMP investigation into the Nigel Wright cheque that was given to Senator Duffy plus the potential for further RCMP involvement into allegations around Senator Wallin, means this story and the Senate scandal have the potential to drag on for many more months. All of which spells negative coverage for the Prime Minister and the Conservative Party.

RCMP Investigating The Cheque

The federal ethics commissioner has suspended her examination of the $90,000 cheque written to Mike Duffy by the prime minister's top aide to cover illegal expenses claimed by the senator, because the...