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Ashes At The Opera

An audience member during the second intermission of the Metropolitan Opera's Saturday matinee performance of Rossini's William Tell reported to the management that a man had been observed sprinkling...
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Memoir And The Persistent Problem Of Truth

We live in the most autobiographical era of human history, documenting and sharing the minutiae of our daily lives. It's hard to know what impact this will have on memoirs yet unwritten. Memoir, as a genre, has been under intense scrutiny since that watershed moment in 2006 which saw James Frey tumble from Oprah poster boy to flailing pariah.

RBC Taylor Prize: An Interview With Author Plum Johnson

After almost twenty years of caring for elderly parents -- first for their senile father, and then for their cantankerous ninety-three-year-old mother -- author Plum Johnson and her three younger brothers experience conflicted feelings of grief and relief when their mother, the surviving parent, dies.

Six Degrees From Steven Truscott

As a child, I scanned the shelves of the library until I finally found The Trial of Steven Truscott, by Isobel LeBourdais. I was fascinated with this young boy's tragic life and prepared my class report. "I think Steven is innocent," I declared in front of the class.