Northern Gateway Recommendation Fails Canada and Science

We are dismayed, together with our eminent Canadians for the Great Bear and thousands of others by the report of the Northern Gateway Joint Review Panel (JRP) which regrettably recommends the approval of the Enbridge pipeline proposal. Everyone who depends on this ecosystem, from fishing and tourism industries to First Nations communities, would be affected. We have seen, in the case of the Exxon Valdez disaster, that the damage will be profound and long-lasting. Have we really not yet learned this hard lesson? When something is priceless, you do not let anyone place it at risk.

Enbridge Aims to Quash Pipeline Critics

VANCOUVER — Organizations founded by an American oil baron and a Silicon Valley philanthropist are among the foreign charities being targeted by Enbridge in its battle against critics of the proposed...

'The Opposition Is Enormous In B.C.'

Opposition to the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline is too great to let the project go forward, a former British Columbia civil servant told a review panel Friday as the hearing wrapped up in Edmonto...