Northrop Frye


10 Canadian Books Every Guy Should Read

Canada is full of great books in every genre, a lot of them under-publicized. Here is a list of ten books, ranging from novels to poetry, philosophy and picture books, all by Canadians and published within the last century, to expand both mind and bookshelf.

Highlights From the Great Composers

The Canadian scholar Northrop Frye, has called the Bible, "The Great Code". It is always interesting then, to see what parts of the Bible, some of the world's greatest composers, have chosen to set to music.
Harry Palmer (Wikipedia)

Mounties Spied On Northrop Frye

OTTAWA - Canada's intelligence service spied on renowned literary scholar Northrop Frye, closely eyeing his involvement in the anti-Vietnam War movement, an academic forum on China and efforts to end apartheid in South Africa.Newly released archival records show the RCMP Security Service relied on a secret informant to help compile a 142-page file on the esteemed University of Toronto professor, who died in 1991 at age 78.