Nova Scotia Election 2013

The NDP Needs Friends in Wealthy Places

With the defeat of the NDP government of Nova Scotia Premier Darrell Dexter on Tuesday, the number of provinces ruled by Canada's New Democrats now consists entirely of lonely Manitoba. The unfair reality remains that by virtue of their party's radical anti-capitalist past and confused kinda-socialist-kinda-not present, New Democrats automatically carry the heavy burden of being persistently least-trusted by the general public to run a modern, free-market economy.

Why I'm Happy the NDP Was Defeated In Nova Scotia

Like Bob Rae's accidental NDP government in Ontario that was also soundly rejected by Ontarians in 1995, the NDP in Nova Scotia became a government that was arrogant and incompetent. This was even truer when it came to justice and equality issues, particularly its treatment of children of African ancestry at a Dartmouth orphanage who have for years alleged sexual and physical abuse.

His 16 Siblings Must Be Proud

HALIFAX - Stephen McNeil, Nova Scotia's premier-designate, comes from a family that likes to do things in a big way.The 48-year-old Liberal leader is the 12th of 17 children, all raised in the provinc...

Nova Scotia Liberals Win Government

HALIFAX - Voters in Nova Scotia dumped the NDP and their leader Tuesday after giving Darrell Dexter a historic election victory four years ago, turning this time to Liberal Stephen McNeil, who swept t...

N.S. Tory Leader Talks Underwear

TRURO, N.S. - Nothing gets between Jamie Baillie and his Stanfield's underwear.The Nova Scotia Progressive Conservative leader made one of the more unusual comments heard on the election trail while v...

He Still Loves It

HALIFAX - A brief encounter with Darrell Dexter on the doorstep of Max Trzcinski's home in the final days of Nova Scotia's election campaign left the university student charmed."He seemed a little mor...

McNeil Lays Out Priorities

ELMSDALE, N.S. - He hasn't won the job yet, but Liberal Leader Stephen McNeil looked ahead Sunday to what he would do in the first days as Nova Scotia's premier as his main rivals mounted attacks aime...

A Look At The Parties' Promises

HALIFAX - A look at some of the major promises from the three main political parties in Nova Scotia's election:Liberals:— Allow private renewable energy producers to sell electricity directly to consu...

Dexter Steps Up Liberal Criticism

HALIFAX - Nova Scotia NDP Premier Darrell Dexter stepped up his criticism Saturday of the Liberal plan for health care in the final days of the provincial election, saying he has heard from voters it...


HALIFAX - All three of Nova Scotia's major party leaders made announcements Sunday in the seat-rich Halifax area as the campaign for the Oct. 8 election approached its final stretch.NDP Premier Darrel...

In Deep Trouble?

HALIFAX - In a province where voters have granted a second term or more to every government for the past 131 years, Nova Scotia's New Democrats are hoping history will repeat itself when the election...

N.S. Liberal Leader Targeted At Debate

The leaders of Nova Scotia's three major political parties went head-to-head Wednesday over power rates, jobs and health care, and occasionally got into testy exchanges during the only formal tel...

'He's Let People Down'

HALIFAX - If you believe the polls, Darrell Dexter has an image problem.The Nova Scotia premier, whose homespun image as everyone's favourite uncle helped propel the New Democrats into power in 2009,...

Trudeau To Pitch In

HALIFAX - Federal Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau will be on the Nova Scotia campaign trail on Monday.Trudeau will be campaigning with provincial Liberal Leader Stephen McNeil to help the provincial Gri...

Anonymous Emails Not Illegal

HALIFAX - Halifax police have concluded there was nothing criminal after investigating a complaint from Nova Scotia's governing New Democrats alleging they received threatening emails from an anonymou...

An Electric Issue

HALIFAX - While it may be true that the typical provincial election focuses on jobs, the economy and leadership, another theme emerged as a key issue during the first week of the Nova Scotia election...

Dexter Defends Controversial Mailouts

HALIFAX - NDP pamphlets funded by the Nova Scotian government are raising the ire of the Liberals and Progressive Conservatives who say taxpayers shouldn't pay for partisan ads on the eve of an electi...

Nova Scotia Election Imminent

HALIFAX - Nova Scotia's NDP premier sent the clearest signal yet that he's about to call an election by releasing a party platform Friday that partly focuses on cutting costs for families by promising...