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Nova Scotia Should Not Ban Fracking

No reasonable person would dismiss the risks of hydraulic fracturing for gas and oil out of hand. The processes certainly have the potential to cause a variety of environmental ills if done improperly. However, no rational person would fail to understand that Canada's economic wellbeing is tied to the production of fossil fuels, particularly clean-burning natural gas.
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Canada's Car Culture Isn't as Bad as the Danish Tourists Think

This week, two European tourists complained about the Canadian car culture after a brief stint in the 10 million square kilometer nation of over 35-million people. The British and Danish complainers now reside in Aarhus, Denmark. While I support criticizing a country, it is also good to have the facts in order. To that end, here are some stats Chabowski should have taken into account before making rush judgments on Canadian society.


HALIFAX - A blizzard swept across parts of Atlantic Canada on Wednesday, closing schools and government offices as well as disrupting travel throughout the region.Flights were delayed or cancelled, un...

Maritimers Digging Out

Maritimers are digging out today from a blizzard that slammed much of the region Friday. The hardest hit areas appear to be the southwestern edges of Nova Scotia and all along the Atlantic coastline....

Dexter Resigns As Nova Scotia NDP Leader

HALIFAX - Former Nova Scotia premier Darrell Dexter said Saturday that his government will be remembered for leading the province through a tough recession as he announced he was stepping down as lead...

Which Province Ranks the Highest in Trade and Commerce?

All eyes are on international trade as we head into 2014. If we as a country are going to chalk up decent growth numbers, external activity is going to have to punch above its weight. Conditions seem favourable for a growth acceleration -- but will all of Canada's provinces cash in on the growth?

McNeil Lays Out Priorities

ELMSDALE, N.S. - He hasn't won the job yet, but Liberal Leader Stephen McNeil looked ahead Sunday to what he would do in the first days as Nova Scotia's premier as his main rivals mounted attacks aime...

Dexter Steps Up Liberal Criticism

HALIFAX - Nova Scotia NDP Premier Darrell Dexter stepped up his criticism Saturday of the Liberal plan for health care in the final days of the provincial election, saying he has heard from voters it...

Long Road Ahead for Broten's NDP

The Saskatchewan Party has launched a political advertisement against the new leader of the Saskatchewan NDP and Leader of the Official Opposition, Cam Broten. The advertisement attempts to tether Broten to the previous NDP leader, Dwain Lingenfelter, and to the party's 2011 First Nations resource revenue sharing policy.

In Deep Trouble?

HALIFAX - In a province where voters have granted a second term or more to every government for the past 131 years, Nova Scotia's New Democrats are hoping history will repeat itself when the election...

'He's Let People Down'

HALIFAX - If you believe the polls, Darrell Dexter has an image problem.The Nova Scotia premier, whose homespun image as everyone's favourite uncle helped propel the New Democrats into power in 2009,...

Trudeau To Pitch In

HALIFAX - Federal Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau will be on the Nova Scotia campaign trail on Monday.Trudeau will be campaigning with provincial Liberal Leader Stephen McNeil to help the provincial Gri...

Trouble For Nova Scotia NDP?

HALIFAX - Premier Darrell Dexter is dismissing as "childish" a complaint filed with Elections Nova Scotia about the NDP's use of a taxpayer-funded caucus brochure after the provincial election campaig...

An Electric Issue

HALIFAX - While it may be true that the typical provincial election focuses on jobs, the economy and leadership, another theme emerged as a key issue during the first week of the Nova Scotia election...

Wage War

HALIFAX - Nova Scotia's NDP promised Saturday to continue increasing the minimum wage if re-elected on Oct. 8 as the first week of the campaign wrapped up.Premier Darrell Dexter said the minimum wage...

This Could Get Ugly

HALIFAX - Even before Nova Scotia's election campaign began, Liberal Leader Stephen McNeil had a target on him.The acknowledged front-runner, McNeil has been the subject of ads by the governing New De...