Nova Scotia

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Seeing Red

Nova Scotia's multi-million dollar lobster industry is trying to overcome challenges associated with increasing global temperatures. Marc Surette, of the Nova Scotia Fish Packers Association, said w...

Harper, Are You Listening?

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford isn't the only elected official who wants a face-to-face meeting with the prime minister. Canada's premiers haven't had a group sit-down meeting with Stephen Harper since the la...

Does This Nova Scotian Premier Hate Black People?

"...Nova Scotia Premier, Darrell Dexter, does not care about black people." As hyperbolic as that statement is, dumbfounded à la Kanye West was my initial disposition after reading articles I recently came across chronicling a brewing controversy in Nova Scotia's current electoral reform process.

You Have the Right to Offend Me

This week, a grade 12 student was suspended for wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with the words "Life is wasted without Jesus." Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms protects both freedom of religion and freedom of expression, but nowhere does it protect people from feeling offended. In a diverse and complex society, learning to disagree without being disagreeable may be a survival skill.

The Fine Art of the (Canadian) Road Trip

In travel, as in life, you must constantly forge your own path and discover new routes. The reason the first guy enjoys it so much is that it is a new, exhilarating experience that makes him feel amazing. The reverse is true for one's first time overdoing it on Canadian whisky.

Canada's Newest National Park

HALIFAX - The Nova Scotia government has reached a deal with Ottawa to make Sable Island the country's newest national park.Premier Darrell Dexter signed the agreement in Halifax with Peter Kent, the...
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Halifax Police Cover-Up?

HALIFAX - Nova Scotia's access-to-information review officer is accusing the Halifax police of "stonewalling" her and undermining her oversight role after the force refused to send her records about w...