Chow Wants To Get Tough With Landlords

Olivia Chow says she'd get tough with landlords who aren't taking care of the buildings they rent to tenants, by ramping up inspections, demanding action and taking property owners to court...
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Why Olivia Chow Will Lose in October

Chow has dangerously slipped too fast and too far in polling for a miraculous rebound in such a scant time frame. Voters are gridlocked, stranded and unapologetic in demanding expedited change from Day 1. Chow's ideas are too late, too small and too old school for this electorate. She may very well be a good-hearted, industrious politician but her efforts as a pioneer and consensus builder leave little to be lauded.

'Even When You're Clean And Sober..'

Olivia Chow was the only Toronto mayoral candidate to make direct mention of Rob Ford's substance abuse issues during a raucous debate in Scarborough on Tuesday. While Chow exchanged jabs with Ford an...

'The Most Distracting Show On Earth'

Nobody knows for sure what to expect when Toronto Mayor Rob Ford returns from rehab next week. But Olivia Chow reminded voters Monday that, despite the mayor's personal problems, there is still a camp...

Chow: 'It's Obvious Mr. Ford Is A Sick Man'

Toronto mayoral candidate Olivia Chow says that while she is pleased Rob Ford is seeking professional help for substance issues, his leave of absence should have come months ago. "It's obvious Mr. For...

Chow Apologizes

Toronto mayoral candidate Olivia Chow has apologized for a recent campaign appearance with WWE legend The Iron Sheik, whose lewd, racist, homophobic, and sexist tweets have raised eyebrows in recent y...
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Ford's Drunken Stupors Are His Greatest Strength

Hopefully by now we all grasp the concept that Rob Ford maintains his 47 per cent approval rating as much because of his personal flaws as in spite of them. If you're part of the Ford Nation rainbow coalition of indigent immigrants and lower-class suburban whites, chances are you see an awful lot of yourself in the man. Uncomplicated class appeal is not the only reason for Ford's popularity, of course. But it's certainly reason enough to remain bullish on the man's chances for re-election.

Chow Shoots Down Harper Rumour

NDP MP Olivia Chow has denied she was offered a cushy job from Prime Minister Stephen Harper that would have kept her out of the upcoming Toronto mayoral race. TVO journalist Steve Paikin wrote Monday...