My Uncle, the Olympian

If you aren't old enough or you're not from the Canadian prairies, you probably haven't heard of an amazing man who fostered the sport and spirit of wrestling and amateur sport in Canada, a man who competed in three Olympic Games, and a man with a twinkle in his eye and a smile to share, my Great Uncle, James Trifunov.

B.C.'s Greatest Olympic Winter Moments

British Columbia plays a major role in making Canada a dominant force at the Olympic Winter Games. The province's triumphs reach all the way back to 1968, when skier Nancy Greene won the gold medal in...

Light 'Er Up

Well, that didn't take long. After complaints that Vancouver's Olympic Cauldron was not being lit during the Sochi Winter Games, the B.C Pavillion Corporation (PavCo) has ignited into action. A spokes...

I'm Gay, and I'm Supporting Canada's Olympic Team in Sochi

I've had people ask me if that's what I plan to do, as a bisexual person. But that's where the fact that being gay is only one part of me comes in. I'm also a staunchly patriotic Canadian. And I love the winter Olympics, a lot. There's a crossroads, here, for me. Because the delegation travelling from Canada to Sochi is also comprised of staunchly patriotic Canadians and talented athletes. Some of them happen to be gay. And I want to see them succeed.