Ontario Election Campaign


Liberals Win Ontario Election

TORONTO - Kathleen Wynne powered Ontario's minority Liberals past a legacy of scandal Thursday, staving off aggressive assaults from the Progressive Conservatives and New Democrats for an unexpected m...

Wynne Calls Her Rivals 'Desperate'

WATERDOWN, Ont. - Her "desperate" political rivals have been forced to resort to scandalmongering to deflect attention from their unpopular and poorly thought-out platforms, Liberal Leader Kathleen Wy...

Wynne: Look Past The Gas Plants

NEWMARKET, Ont. - It should come as no surprise that police are actively investigating the gas plants scandal, Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne said Friday as she pleaded with Ontario voters to judge he...

Wynne Grilled Over Gas Plants Scandal

TORONTO - Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak upped the ante Tuesday in defending his widely questioned plan to create a million jobs over eight years, saying he would quit as premier if he fail...

Hudak Gives First Details On Jobs Plan

KITCHENER, Ont. - Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak will announce Friday how he can eliminate Ontario's projected $12.5 billion deficit one year before the Liberals say they can balance the bo...
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Everyone's Running a Campaign of "Change"

John Duffy (L): For the PCs, the core proposition is the idea that Premier McGuinty's Liberals manipulate the public policy of the province to their own purposes and those of their favoured constituencies, leaving the "rest of us" to pick up the tab. Call this concept "restitution." The Liberals have a different construction of "change." Call their concept "uniting."

And In Ontario, They're Off

TORONTO - And they're off. The campaign for the Oct. 6 Ontario election has officially begun.Liberal Premier Dalton McGuinty, accompanied by his wife Terri, got things rolling shortly after 9 a.m. by...