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Ontario's Giving Up the Dirty-Coal Habit

Ontario is on track to be the first jurisdiction in North America to eliminate dirty coal-fired generation. Two of the largest coal-fired electricity plants in the province, Nanticoke and Lambton, are to close a year early, by end of December 2013, saving ratepayers $95 million.

In Ontario, We're not Just Talking Smart Grid -- We're Building It

By the end of 2014, Ontario will be the first jurisdiction in the world to completely replace dirty coal-fired generation with cleaner sources of power like wind, solar, and bioenergy. This will have the same impact as taking seven million cars off the road. The result will be cleaner air, lower greenhouse gas emissions, and healthier Ontarians.

Ontario's Green Energy Backlash

Canadian politicians know well enough to avoid hot buttons like religion or tax hikes. So why then is Ontario Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak trash talking one of the biggest motherhood-and-...