Ontario Teacher Strike


Ontario Teachers Score Better Deal

TORONTO - The union representing public high school teacher shouldn't be rewarded with a sweetened contract after putting students and parents through the wringer for eight months with no extracurricu...

Good News, Chess Club Kids

TORONTO - Word late Friday that public high school teachers can resume after class sports and clubs was exactly the news newly-minted Ontario Premier Kathleen needed after a disastrous first week in t...

Want Better Teachers? Merit Pay Isn't the Answer

It is both more feasible and cheaper to help existing teachers improve their skills than it is to replace them with new people who might be better at the work. While pay for results is a seemingly attractive concept, virtually nobody in modern economies is currently paid based on measured outcomes as is being proposed for teachers.

Will McGuinty End It By Force?

TORONTO - Premier Dalton McGuinty won't say whether he'll force new contracts on Ontario's public school teachers, but is promising that his government will have more to say Thursday about "the path f...

Oh No You Don't, Says Minister

TORONTO - Ontario's governing Liberals say they're ready to respond to the threat of province-wide strikes by elementary teachers, but won't say when or if they'll force them back to work.The province...