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Well, So Long Tim Hudak

Tim Hudak is set to bow out as the leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party Wednesday after five years on the job. Weeks ago, he hoped that come Canada Day, he would be leading the provin...

Admits He Won't Be Prom King

TORONTO - Ontario's Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak openly acknowledges that he's not the most popular person in the room.His opponents, Premier Kathleen Wynne and NDP Leader Andrea Horwath,...

Pay Up: Tories

TORONTO - Ontario's Liberal government "learned nothing" from the $1.1-billion cost of killing two gas plants and is ready to refurbish nuclear reactors without knowing the final price, NDP Leader And...

Rob Ford's Advice For Ontario Tories

TORONTO - Ontario's Progressive Conservatives should rally behind Tim Hudak and defeat the Liberal government instead of question his leadership, the mayor of Canada's largest city said Thursday."You...

Last Man Standing: Hudak Failed, But Could Still Prevail

Doug Holyday brings terrific municipal and government/finance expertise to the Ontario Tories, and a great GTA profile. Christine Elliott is a very strong deputy leader and an excellent health care critic. Hudak may have lost a battle or two. But the political war is just heating up. And I still believe he'll be the last man standing.

Andrea Horwath Should "Lean In" And Force An Election

Recent Ipso Reid polls should be good news for Ontario Tory Leader Tim Hudak. Hudak and the Tories are at 37% of decided Ontario voters; Horwath's NDP at 29% and Wynne and the Liberals at 28%. This is real bad news for Premier Wynne and her band of less than merry Liberals. But these polls provide even better news to Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath.

Snow-Down In Ontario

TORONTO - Ontario's highways are not being cleared of snow as fast as they should be, leading to sometimes fatal consequences, the opposition parties charged Tuesday.There are more highway closures an...

NDP Horwath to Premier Wynne: Sorry Sister, The Party is Over!

Currently, Andrea Horwath, according to the above Forum Research poll, still enjoys the best approval rating at 49 per cent, but Wynne is coming up fast at 36 per cent. With her high approval rating now, Horwath still has a shot at victory and forming the next NDP government. But she who hesitates, is lost. Horwath will be in a worse position next year.

'The Next Alabama'?

TORONTO - The Progressive Conservatives' call to make Ontario a so-called "right-to-work" province is "misguided" and would mean lower salaries and a weaker economy, the Liberals and New Democrats war...

Ontario PCs Won't Vote For Wage Freeze

TORONTO - The minority Liberal government's plan to impose a wage freeze on nearly 500,000 Ontario public sector workers appeared doomed to defeat Monday as the Tories became the second opposition par...

Ontario PCs Won't Support Wage Freeze Bill

Ontario Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak says his party will not be voting for the minority Liberals' proposed public sector wage freeze because it doesn't go far enough. Hudak said Monday t...