Orange Revolution Ukraine

Brendan Hoffman via Getty Images

Ukraine Has No Choice But to Join the EU

Ukraine's Orange Revolution 2.0 has been underway for months and crowds are now demanding that the President leave office. Ukraine's only hope is to join the European Union because its leaders have proven to be corrupt and undemocratic or ineffectual. The EU would, as it has with other former Soviet satellites, become steward and provide a template for modernization of Ukraine. Yanukovych and Putin alike have overplayed their hand by authorizing snipers to murder innocent people in the streets of Kiev.

Canada Fails at Helping the Ukraine

Last week Ottawa held a conference to discuss the state of democracy and freedom in Ukraine. Absent from the Canadian Standing Committee was Liberal MP Chris Alexander, former diplomat in Moscow who understands Russia-Ukraine relations better than the whole Harper Cabinet and NDP caucus.

Can Canada Help Restore the Orange Revolution's Brightness?

A recent conference in Ottawa had experts debating progress in Ukraine, which since the Orange Revolution in 2004 has stalled. In 2012 the country lurches toward bankruptcy and toward becoming a Russian vassal again, which should be of concern to Canada. For one, an estimated 1.5 million Ukrainians live here.