Palestine Israel

The Big Mistake Israel Is Making Right Now

The reticence to criticize Israel for assaulting and terrorizing African migrants, in my estimation, is a result of a miscalculated analogy -- that the case is similar to that of the Palestinians. The difference is that the Africans have expressed no intention of destroying Israel.

Why Don't the Israel Haters Boycott Syria?

This week begins an annual part of the global campaign to delegitimize and vilify the Jewish state as anti-Israel activists and student groups on campuses around the world, including United States and Canada, mark the eighth annual Israel Apartheid Week [IAW]. One leader, Ahmed Moor, wrote that ending Israel's occupation will require a "Final Showdown."

Part 4: Hatred Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry

If you obsess about Israel's supposedly murderous nature, yet feel neutral about Guatemala, Nigeria, Indonesia, Brazil -- each of which (though arguably not guilty of genocide) is responsible for the outright massacre of at least 100,000 innocent civilians -- then you are a bigot. You may not be an anti-Semite. But you have a problem with Jews.