Pamela Pays It ALL Back, Plus Interest

OTTAWA - Sen. Pamela Wallin has paid back her dubious travel claims, although she did so with gritted teeth, accusing some fellow senators of succumbing to a "lynch mob" mentality.The embattled Saskat...

Pay Up, Wallin Told

OTTAWA - The clock is ticking for Sen. Pamela Wallin to pay back her dubious travel claims.The former Conservative has until Sept. 16 to repay tens of thousands of dollars in ineligible travel expense...


REGINA - Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall says there is disappointment over an expense scandal involving Sen. Pamela Wallin, who is from Wadena.An audit of Wallin's spending flagged more than $121,000 i...

4 BIG Questions Wallin Faces

Senator Pamela Wallin's once bright future is now clouded as she looks ahead to repaying thousands of dollars of inappropriately filed travel claims, and even a possible RCMP investigation. The...

Will She Have To Pay Back More?

OTTAWA - Taxpayers footed the bill for Sen. Pamela Wallin to attend meetings about buying a business and a new book project, as well as with someone from the New York City Ballet — and she may yet be...

Wallin May Have To Pay More

Senator Pamela Wallin will likely be asked to pay back more than the $121,348 already being sought by a Senate committee following a review of an extra $20,978 in expenses that auditors said were &quo...

Why Other Senators Are Now Worried

OTTAWA — A number of senators are expressing concern that Pamela Wallin's expense claims will send a chill throughout the upper chamber and discourage many from travelling to support causes they champ...

Wallin Audit Referred To RCMP

OTTAWA - Partisan Conservative fundraisers, a short hop to catch a flight to the sunny Caribbean and glitzy awards galas are just some of the expenses Sen. Pamela Wallin billed to taxpayers under the...

Harper Brought On the Wallin Scandal Himself

The Prime Minister is probably having serious second thoughts about appointing high-profile journalists and insiders Mike Duffy and Pamela Wallin to the Senate, and he should be. He missed a grand opportunity to implement true Senate reform: tapping normal everyday folks to sit in the country's upper house.

Summary Of Audit Findings

OTTAWA - The Senate has released Deloitte's independent audit of Sen. Pamela Wallin's expense claims between Jan. 1, 2009, and Sept. 20, 2012. Some highlights from the audit's findings:— Audit says Wa...

So, Now You Tell Us

Senator Pamela Wallin has broken her silence about her health card, saying she's got a Saskatchewan one. Staff for the senator who calls Wadena, Sask., her home told reporters Wednesday that Wallin i...