Derelict Vessels Are Polluting The B.C. Coastline

The Northern Gateway and Kinder Morgan pipeline proposals plan to significantly increase heavy oil tankers to Asia and both governments have promised "world-class" oil spill response on land and in the water. British Columbians are skeptical about this commitment. Stories like the sinking tug near Squamish are regularly in and out of the media reminding folks that nothing has been done. There is nothing "world-class" about the provincial-federal response to marine-based environmental concerns in the past.
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Prince George Wood Centre Is An 'Affront To Citizens'

The most outlandish move was to promote the Wood Innovation and Design Centre as a 10-storey, wood frame building, making it the tallest wood structure in the world. What about building codes, safety assessments, economic viability, and financial feasibility? Evidently, this government felt those are questions more suitably dealt with after the fact. That simply is not good and responsible government.

Premier Dismisses MLA Calling Out Colleagues

Premier Christy Clark distanced herself from Kash Heed, a B.C. MLA and former solicitor general, who is calling on two of his Liberal caucus colleagues to resign amid a controversy over a project in P...

Pat Bell Under Fire Over Bidding Process

A Prince George developer says Jobs Minister Pat Bell personally promised him he would be short listed for a project. Brian Fehr spoke after a CBC News investigation revealed a fairness commissioner...
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Jobs Minister Bows Out

B.C.'s jobs minister is bowing out of the 2013 election, citing health issues that are bringing an early end to his 12 years in politics. Pat Bell, the MLA for Prince George-Mackenzie, issued a news r...

B.C. Jobless Rate Climbs

VICTORIA - The B.C. government is trying to put the best possible spin on the latest figures showing an increase in the province's jobless rate, saying despite losses in some areas, there were gains i...