Brazeau Headed To The Wrestling Ring

Don't call it a comeback. Suspended Senator Patrick Brazeau, who two years ago lost a charity boxing match to now-Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau, is returning to the ring next month. Only this time, Br...

Saturday Round Up: The Week that Wasn't

Two major government budgets were released this week, by Ontario and the Feds respectively; as widely anticipated, both will balance spending and eliminate debt by the end of the year with no cuts to any social services. Critics from the left and right applauded the leaders for showing such fiscal responsibility while managing to balance the needs of all Canadian citizens. Asked how he expected to deal with the looming crisis with old age pensions, Prime Minister Harper noted that the budget called for the phasing out of seniors beginning in 2016... Okay, now that I've got my April Fool's joke out of the way, let's look back upon the messy conflagration of human events that constitutes last week's news highlights here at Huffpost.

Trudeau Defeats Brazeau

Justin Trudeau overcame expectations and convincingly defeated Tory Senator Patrick Brazeau in a boxing bout in Ottawa Saturday night. The referee called the fight around the middle of the third two-m...