Patrick Brazeau


Duffy Declared Eligible For PEI Seat

Senator Mike Duffy is eligible for his Prince Edward Island seat in the Senate, his party's Senate leader said Thursday. A Senate committee looking at residency expenses had asked for legal advice on...

Brazeau Pleads Not Guilty

GATINEAU, Que. - A search warrant filed in court says an ongoing argument over aboriginal issues at the home of Sen. Patrick Brazeau escalated into a physical and sexual confrontation and back-to-back...

Expected To Join Shunned Senators Club

OTTAWA - Sen. Patrick Brazeau has already made history as one of the youngest people ever appointed to the upper chamber.If the Senate agrees Tuesday to force him to take a leave of absence, he'll mak...

Operation Senate Salvation

OTTAWA - Conservative and Liberal leaders in the much-maligned Senate are joining forces to salvage the upper chamber's tarnished reputation.They are demanding a swift — and public — resolution to all...

Senator Brazeau: Guilty Before Proven Innocent?

Senator Brazeau's arrest and jailing dominated the news this week. However, thousands of Canadians who have been through even the most minor domestic violence incident know that criminal law is applied with no mercy and no balance, well before anyone gets their day in court. While Senator Brazeau is the man in the spotlight, thousands of other Canadian men and women accused of a range of domestic violence have suffered the same punishments and the same obstacles to reconciliation while waiting for criminal courts to make decisions.

Charged With Assault And Sexual Assault

OTTAWA - A brash, swaggering senator known for Twitter taunts, contrarian views of Canada's First Nations and a flashy charity boxing match with Justin Trudeau maintained a stony — and uncharacteristi...


Conservative Senator Patrick Brazeau has been kicked out of the Tory caucus. “In light of the serious nature of the events reported today, Senator Brazeau has been removed from the Conservative Caucus...

Senator Brazeau Took the Low Road

Earlier this afternoon Prime Minister Stephen Harper removed Senator Patrick Brazeau from the Conservative caucus for "reasons that are personal but very serious." The now independent 38-year-old Senator has been an embarrassing character for public service as well as aboriginal youth. He could and should have been a great role model.

Housing Claims Prompt Investigation

OTTAWA - The Senate is conducting an audit to assess whether senators are abusing housing allowances meant to defray the costs of maintaining a second home in the nation's capital.The audit follows a...

Brazeau's Questionable Housing Perk

The government's leader in the Senate says she's asked the committee in charge of spending rules to look at whether Patrick Brazeau is illegitimately collecting a housing allowance. According to a me...

Explain Your Absence

The government leader in the Senate has asked the Standing Senate Committee on Internal Economy, Budgets and Administration for a review of the rules about attendance in the upper chamber, days after...

The Absentee Senator

OTTAWA - The youngest senator in the upper chamber also has the poorest attendance record for this session of Parliament.Conservative Sen. Patrick Brazeau, 37, was absent for 25 per cent of the 72 sit...
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Did Trudeau Put Liberals Back in the Ring?

As a political metaphor, Justin Trudeau's boxing victory over Conservative Senator Patrick Brazeau is a whole other story. The Liberals have gotten used to thinking of themselves as losers, so nobody was more surprised than they to see Trudeau triumph against such an adversary. Because really, who expects the Liberals to win at anything anymore? If the Liberals are smart, they won't even try to manipulate this. They'll just let the image of Trudeau wiping the smirk off Brazeau's bleeding face sink in and work it's magic.