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Stop Giving Pretty White Murderers A Pass

Since learning Karla Homolka has been volunteering at an elementary school in Montreal, I've found myself shellshocked by the number of people willing to defend her technical, legal right to privacy. That's downright Canadian of you, but could we stop letting pretty white women in North America literally and figuratively get away with murder?

Homolka 'Got Away With It': Killer's Dad

In a rare interview, the father of one of Canada's most notorious serial killers claims freed killer Karla Homolka got away with murder. “As far as I am concerned, Karla has got away with it and is fr...

Bernardo Wants Comfier Digs: Report

One of Canada's most notorious serial killers is reportedly looking for a somewhat more mellow place to do his time. Paul Bernardo hopes to downgrade to a medium-security institution in Bath. Ont., Su...

Lena Dunham's Very, Very Tasteless Tweet

Lena Dunham, filmmaker and creator of HBO hit Girls, got into some trouble when she tweeted a joke about going for Halloween with two friends as murderer Paul Bernardo, Karla Homolka and her slain sis...