Peter Kent


Tory MP Opens Up About Cancer

OTTAWA – Just before Christmas last year, Conservative MP Peter Kent discovered a lump in his throat. Doctors thought it was a minor cyst, but after an operation in February they made a much more omin...

Tory MP Beats Throat Cancer

Conservative MP Peter Kent noticed something different about his throat one day last November when he was shaving. The former environment minister was in the midst of a four-week stretch before the H...

The Truth About Canada's Immigration System

I would like to take the opportunity to provide insight on Canada's generous asylum system and clear up any misconceptions raised in Bernie Farber's piece entitled "Canada Fails the Test of a Good Society." Canada continues to have the most fair and generous immigration system in the world.


OTTAWA - To get a feeling for Prime Minister Stephen Harper's cabinet shuffle, a glance at the seating arrangement inside Rideau Hall's august ballroom spoke volumes.In the front rows, veteran cabinet...

Kent Talks Oil Price, Emissions

OTTAWA - Federal Environment Minister Peter Kent is in London today to kick off another global tour to sell Canada's record on global warming.Kent says new controls on oil and gas emissions are on the...