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Couillard: PQ Using 'Coercion' Tactics

With less than a week left before Quebecers head to the polls, Liberal leader Philippe Couillard spoke with CBC Montreal's Debra Arbec on both the past and future of the party.  Couillard addressed t...

Think Quebec's Going to Separate? Take a Valium!

As expected, Quebec Premier Pauline Marois has called an election this week. Recently published surveys appear to suggest that her Parti Quebecois government is tracking toward a majority government. Predictably, the political and pundit class in English Canada are hyperventilating at the prospect of a referendum on Quebec sovereignty should the PQ win a majority. The citizens of Quebec will vote for a new government in their next election. They aren't going to the polls to vote to form a new country. That may come later. But I doubt it. Like the rest of us, Quebecers are far too preoccupied with questions much more fundamental to them.