Why Toronto Needs a Trapping Ban

A municipal ban offers optimal protection for wildlife, domestic animals and people from all body-gripping traps. It sends a clear message to those trapping illegally that Toronto does not tolerate this violence. It offers Toronto a clear and swift enforcement tool when/if a situation like the one involving these beavers occurs again.

Man Who Built Confinement Room Sentenced

A man who built a confinement room in an abandoned Pickering, Ont., farmhouse with the intention of kidnapping a woman he blamed for the break-up of his marriage has received the maximum sentence of t...

Arrest In Ontario Torture Chamber House

PICKERING, Ont. - An arrest has been made in the case of a confinement room found in an old farmhouse that later burnt down.Durham police say Robert White, 44, of Oshawa has been charged with break an...