Pierre Poilievre


NDP Really Wants You To Pay Attention

OTTAWA - The Conservative government says it's prepared to allow as many witnesses as the opposition parties want in committee hearings on electoral reform — but by no means will those hearings be hel...

A Warning From America

WASHINGTON - A participant in the bruising American battle over voting rights warns that Canada is treading on dangerous ground with its proposed electoral reforms.One of the lawyers who helped strike...

Aren't We Forgetting Something?

OTTAWA - Proposed changes to Canada's elections law won't give Elections Canada new powers to address old unpaid leadership loans that the governing Conservatives have used repeatedly to bash both the...

Fair Elections Act Is the Change Canadians Have Been Waiting For

On Tuesday the Conservative government introduced the Fair Elections Act, a comprehensive list of reforms aimed at modernizing Elections Canada and Canada's whole electoral system. Bill C-23 was introduced by Minister of State for Democratic Reform Pierre Poilievre and proposes to implement a number of recommendations made by the Chief Electoral Officer (CEO).

Who Watches The Politicians?

OTTAWA - The head of Elections Canada is fighting back against the Conservatives' suggestion that he's a partisan player and can't be trusted to oversee the fairness of the game. Pierre Poilievre, the...
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Harper's Politics Serve Politicians, Not Canadians

Poet, Anatole France, once observed that, "it is the certainty that they possess the truth that makes men cruel." He could just as easily be commenting on two recent actions of our present federal government that fly directly in the face of what is supposed to be good politics: giving the people what they want. How else to explain the undue harshness against this country's veterans, or the outright attack and manipulation in the Harper government's attempts to revamp Elections Canada to its own purposes? What makes both of these instances so remarkable is the sheer arrogance of a government acting against the best interests of its own people.

'Serial Cheaters'

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair says his party will move to send the government's proposed election law reforms to committee before the first vote in the House of Commons, accusing the Conservatives of being "...

'Skippy' Scores An 'A-'

Jean-Pierre Kingsley, the former head of Elections Canada, calls the government's proposed fair elections act "overall, a good bill" and gives it a solid grade of "A–." But K...

In The Dark

The Minister of State for Democratic Reform Pierre Poilievre told the House of Commons Monday he met with the head of Elections Canada in August about a long-awaited election reform bill to be tabled...

Elections Canada Contradicts Poilievre

OTTAWA - Opposition critics say they'll be scouring the fine print when the Conservative government introduces legislation Tuesday morning to overhaul Elections Canada.Chief electoral officer Marc May...

MPs Rivals Love To Hate

OTTAWA - In the popular TV show Mad Men, short-clipped advertising account man Pete Campbell is the character everyone loves to hate — young, conservative, ambitious and fabulously snotty.On Parliamen...


OTTAWA - To get a feeling for Prime Minister Stephen Harper's cabinet shuffle, a glance at the seating arrangement inside Rideau Hall's august ballroom spoke volumes.In the front rows, veteran cabinet...

The New Face Of Harper's Cabinet

OTTAWA — The new face of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s cabinet is… Pierre Poilievre. The 34-year-old scrappy, Ottawa-area Conservative MP, who isn’t known for his diplomatic and conciliatory tone, i...

The Worst Thing You Can Call a Union Leader? A Boss

Why do the most right-wing politicians and corporate news outlets always use the term "union boss"? Because the worst thing they can think of is to say the leader of a labour organization acts like a capitalist? Strangely, one of the main reasons workers seek to unionize is to protect themselves from the arbitrary power of bosses.