Pipeline Enbridge

Leave the Pipeline Dreamin' to Western Canadians

All the talk recently about the Chinese building a pipeline through British Columbia is what most threatens the project's future. It's also an indication that the private sector does not get it. The pipeline will only be built if Albertans, British Columbians and B.C. First Nations make a deal.

Federal Budget Will Arrive Soaked in Oil

Canadians must accept the fact that we have at least another three years of oil ideologues holding the levers of power in Ottawa. The polls in B.C. that show Tory support has dropped 16 points are at least encouraging, showing that voters there aren't buying it. Let's hope that the rest of the country soon wakes up too.

Prime Minister By Day, Oil Exec By Night

Every time you hear the federal government say "national interest," insert "corporate interest" and you'll see a clearer picture. When will Harper stop thinking as an oil CEO and start acting like he is Prime Minister of Canada?

Oil Spills Happen

The likelihood of a spill along the route is high enough that it can be considered inevitable. A spill along any of the many rivers and streams the pipeline crosses, or along the coast, would contaminate fish and aquatic life. The contamination would then work its way up the food chain affecting the whole ecosystem.